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    Upgrade EBS 11i AIX 5.3 to R12 Exastack


      Dear All,


      Task      : upgrade EBS DB 9.2.6 to R12 DB




      database 9.2.6

      AIX 5.3L

      EBS 12.1.3


      Exadata Exalogic (Linux OS)


      my temporary roadmap




      doc id

      Upgrade EBS from (CU2) DB to R12 DB on Temporary AIX Server



      check temp server OS AIX 5.3 requirements


      copy hasil pre-clone from PROD to Temp Server




      Upgrade DB to (Apply patch 4547809)

      837570.1, 1454618.1, 761570.1

      Upgrade DB to (Apply patch 10404530)

      837570.1, 1454618.1, 761570.1

      Apply 11i.AD.I.6 (conditional) - 650208


      Apply TUMS utility (recommended) 7705743


      Apply Run AD preparation scripts - 7197489


      Run rapidwiz to create R12.1.1 code tree


      Check whether you are able to connect 10g database from R12.1.1 application tier


      Apply Oracle Receivables patch - 5753621


      Gather statistics for SYS schema


      Apply AD 12.1.1 upgrade driver (patch 7461070).


      Run the American English upgrade patch driver (required) 6678700


      Apply the below patches in R12 environment 4502962 – R12 Minipack


      Configuration Phase – R12


      Check downtime reduction report


      Migrate to ExaStack

      pre-clone temporary





      Question :

      • Need help for metalink note migration using cloning from AIX temp server to Exastack using transportable tablespaces. Should with this note : Upgrade Guide to on Exadata (Doc ID 1373255.1) enough ?
      • if unpredictable event for example (I don't wish this), user needs to make existing production goes to online till EBS on ExaStack ready with 1 old week data, should I use golden gate to sync data with already ebs-deployed on ExaStack or (ask for another downtime and use transportable tablespace again) ?
      • Since EBS 12.1.3 still using OC4J, how the way I autoconfig Apps Tier after post-clone on Exalogic ? still using common post-clone ?
      • Need help and suggestion from you especially


      Thanks so much.



      Yohanes Hany