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    To Copy contents from One Data object to Other

    Jayanthi Devadoss


      Please let me know how to copy contents of one data object to other data object(which is having the same layout but in different folder).


      <<Very Urgent>>



      Thanks in Advance


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          Is this Data object referring to Internal or External Data Source??

          from my understanding to your question.

          1)you can take export of first Data Object say X using i command

          icommand -cmd export -name "/your DO" -file "D:\temp\X.xml"

          2) you can open this exported data object  xml file and replace all the occurrence of

          X with the second data object   Y along with the folder name

          3)delete the second data object Y in the server(along with folder)

          4)now import this DO to  server

          icommand -cmd import -file "D:\temp\X.xml"

          now your Data object Y will be replaced with data object X along with its contents


          note** take a back up of both objects while doing so....