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    REGEX search and replace

    Mike Kemp

      In the version of SQL Developer I had before this one ( maybe?) I could do a search and replace like this:



      Replace Text:

      Text to Search For: \n


      Checked: Replace With: '\n     'Hello

      Checked: Regular Expressions

      Checked: Selected Text Only







      This would replace the following text:


      fancy code

      more fancy code

      code only a Mensa could write


      ... with ...


      fancy code'

          'Hello more fancy code'

          'Hello code only a Mensa could write


      NOW - the same Search and Replace replaces the original code with the following:


      fancy code'     'Hello more fancy code'     'Hello code only a Mensa could write


      So, yeah, not good Feng Shui at all.

      Build MAIN-13.80


      Thank you.