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    Unable to Attach Terms & Conditions to Emailed PO


      I am trying to get the Terms & Conditions attachment to work when a PO is emailed to a Supplier.


      My setup so far [as per the document: How To Create and Use Terms and Conditions For E-mailed Purchase Orders (Doc ID 179932.1)]


      Profile options updated:


      PO: In File Path: /tmp2

      PO: Terms and Conditions filename: Terms_Conditions.txt


      As per the document mentioned below, I selected a directory that is UTL_FILE parameter in the INIT.ORA file:


      SQL> show parameter utl_file_dir;


      NAME             TYPE        VALUE

      ---------------- ----------- ---------------------

      utl_file_dir     string      /usr/tmp, /tmp, /tmp2


      I created the Terms_Conditions.txt file from scratch as TXT file.


      I copied the file Terms_Conditions.txt into /tmp2 with the permissions 777.


      I restarted the  Workflow Notification Mailer.


      When I test with a PO, I receive an email with the PO in PDF format. I also receive a file called attachments.zip, which contains a file I attached to the PO. But no T&C.


      Any ideas?