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    ASN - License Plate Numbers




      We have suppliers who are creating ASNs for POs and while doing so, we require a new License Plate Number to be created in the License Plate Number field automatically. (similar to the ctrl+G functionality for creating new LPNs in Oracle WMS).

      Reason is, If we let the suppliers type-in any value in the field, there are lot of duplication errors

      Is this possible without any customization (using standard code/functionality)




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          Hi  Subashini,


          Are you currenlty  receving the ASN's using the RF Gun or the telenet.  If so , please avoid sacing the LPN's send by supplier and generate the LPN number while receiving.

          If you want to Automate the ASN receving and generate the new LPN's then you have to  go for the customization only.