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    JDBC Pooling query


      OK i have 4 servers in my cluster and wanted to check pooling is working ok as i have reports from Oracle dba we have exceeded maximum licensing connections with 'ORA-00019: maximum number of session licenses exceeded'


      Now.. first of all would this be down to the application not closing the connection off after query?


      Would this be in connection pooling? Ive checked already and can see 100connections set by default.


      One thing im concerned about after looking in monitoring is this


      Current capacity for 3 nodes is 100 and for one it shows 4?? I thought these would be equal. num available is also 4 whilst the others are 100?


      Any  answers to above apreciated.

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          Joe Weinstein-Oracle

          The application not closing the connection may have an effect, because this 'leaks' from the pool,

          which may then have to make more. If you cannot fix the app, at least set a idle-connection-timeout

          for the pool, so it can retract connections that your app has reserved but not used for that long.

          As to one server showing 4 while the others 100, that is a higher-than-JDBC issue, asking why

          user load was not sent to that node. JDBC just supplies a connection from the local instance

          of the pool if/when the work is being done on a node.