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    XML Publisher Desktop is having issue with one variable declaration

    Ora Person


           I'm creating a check printing report in XML Publisher. When trying to run the preview for my template; it is throwing an error:


               Caused by: oracle.xdo.parser.v2.XPathException: Variable not defined: 'first_rec'.


            Below is the code in the text field of the template. I don't understand why it is throwing the above error. Any help is appreciated!


           <?for-each@section:OutboundPayment?><xsl:variable  xdofo:ctx="incontext" name="inner_group"  select=".//DocumentPayable"/><?for-each:$inner_group?><?if:(position()-1) mod $no_of_line_per_page=0?><xsl:variable name="first_rec"  xdofo:ctx="incontext" select="position()"/>




      Message was edited by: Ora Person Can anyone in OTN community suggest the solution to the above problem? Suprise to see that no one responded to my question in past 3 days!!