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    Limitations when using jsvc daemon?


      I found out about and started using JMC yesterday and am using it to gain insights into a Java program that runs via the jsvc daemon on Linux (Ubuntu and RHEL).


      Most everything in JMC is working, except 1) the MBeans browser, which is completely empty, and 2) method profiling/sampling, which never produces any events even when enabled via the Flight Recorder template.  Both of these features work fine when I use JMC against JMC itself or another Java program not running via jsvc.


      Are these two features not available for Java programs running via jsvc in general, or is there something specific to the application I'm trying to debug?


      The application is from a 3rd party and so far I've not been able to figure out how to run it independently of jsvc so I can see if that solves the problem.





      P.S. JMC is exactly the kind of tool I've been looking for to diagnose and troubleshoot production Java-based services -- thanks for making it available!