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    How to startup 4.0 developer?


      Windows XP 32 bit.

      Installed jdk-7u51-windowsi586, no apparent problems.

      Downloaded and ran 32 bit sqldeveloper-  No apparent problems (but, how would I know?)

      Double clicking on sqldeveloper.exe does nothing.  Copying it to desktop and double clicking does nothing.  .bat file in directory briefly flashes a cmd window.

      Looked at http://www.thatjeffsmith.com/archive/2013/12/oracle-sql-developer-4-windows-and-the-jdk/

      Tried finding a product.conf, no such thing anywhere, no Roaming directory.


      What now?

      works fine.

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          Tried finding a product.conf, no such thing anywhere, no Roaming directory.

          As Jeff's article mentioned the configuration file is 'sqldeveloper.conf and is in the 'sqldeveloper/bin' folder BENEATH the sqldeveloper folder where your EXE is located.


          You could also run the command line sqldeveloper.bat file in that bin folder so you could see (and paste here) the messages you get on the console.


          Or startup using a 'debug' version of configuration by switching the commented lines in that sqldeveloper.conf file:

          IncludeConfFile  sqldeveloper-nondebug.conf

          #IncludeConfFile  sqldeveloper-debug.conf

          Those lines above will use the 'nondebug' config file - uncomment the second and comment the first to use the 'debug' version. You can examine each of those config files to see their differences.


          A common problem is when sql developer 4 finds a DIFFERENT (usually meaning earlier than u51 version of Java) - bad things can happen if it tries to use one of those.


          So make sure that there are NO other Java versions that sql developer may be trying to use: check path, java_home and anything else.

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            b..b...but it says "In version 4.0, we no longer look in SQLDeveloper.conf for these specific Java flags and settings."


            Oh, now I see, I need to actually extract the files from the zip.  Now it's asking for a java path.  Got fooled by Windows presenting the contents of a zip as though they aren't zipped again!  D'oh.



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              And now (running the bat file):

              Error occurred during initialization of VM

              Could not reserve enough space for object heap


              I've got 2G ram.  Looks like between firefox and Oraclexe and all the other stuff I'm running, I have a problem. 

              I see in sqldeveloper.conf:

              AddVMOption  -XX:MaxPermSize=256M


              Maybe tomorrow I'll try running it with nothing else going on if no one has any other suggestions.

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                Gary Graham-Oracle

                Whether or not you stop running other applications on your system, at least try, in the product.conf file, reducing the default value of

                AddVMOption -Xmx800m

                Fewer and fewer users are running Windows XP these days (keep in mind that Windows XP is nearing end of life: Support ends in 2014 for Windows XP and Office 2003!), but the SQL Developer help still shows the Location of User-Related Information for XP rather than Windows 7.  See:

                Help > Table of Contents > SQL Developer Concepts and Usage > Location of User-Related Information.

                The message Could not reserve enough space for object heap applies to the Xmx setting, not the MaxPermSize.




                SQL Developer Team

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                  Ah, now there is a product.conf.  Reducing Xmx from 800 to 256 seems to have done the trick.  Thanks!


                  Supposed to get a better machine, but have to scurry about to avoid getting stepped on in larger fights over such things.  Win 8.1 has some minor problems with old app.  App and Oracle and server upgrade keep getting postponed as requirements enhance.  Same ol' same ol'.