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    PeopleSoft Upgrade Fin 9.1 to 9.2


      We are having space issue trying to run upgrade Step Performing Data Conversion Concurrently. We have a 300 gb SQL server 2012 DB and the log files when this step runs grow to 500 gb.  We have recovery mode set to "Simple" on sql server.  How can make this step more manageable, reduce the log space needed and still complete this in a reasonable amount of time?

      Thank you

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          Hello this is Henry Ramirez from the Install and Upgrade Oracle Support Team.   Anytime a upgrade is being performed from one apps release to another we should look to track the init pass timings for data conversion.  With the latest version of upgrade we already made data conversion faster by no longer running via the command line but sending the job to the process scheduler to allow us faster results.  For MSS Databases we only have the cert version min release and other then Chapter 23 of the 8.53 install and admin guide for Microsoft is all we have for 2012 setup details in combo with 8.53.