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Hi All,


my oracle version,


Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

PL/SQL Release - Production

"CORE    Production"

TNS for Linux: Version - Production

NLSRTL Version - Production


I am trying to fetch job std, stderr file from OS level when job is running.


Currently, I am able to do this once the job is completed using 'DBA_SCHEDULER_JOB_RUN_DETAILS.additional_info' column. However, I want to fetch details when the job is running but not able to see any column which matches this information 'DBA_SCHEDULER_RUNNING_JOBS' so that I can get the file name to pass it to DBMS_SCHEDULER.get_file procedure.


The format of file name is something like 'job_251177_55065_stderr', I can get job id i.e. 55065 but can't figure out what is 251177 in the file name.any input would be appreciated. or is there a direct way to get file name created by Oracle?

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    Here is what the documentation says about the source_file parameter of the GET_FILE procedure:


    You obtain the value of external_log_id from the ADDITIONAL_INFO column of the *_SCHEDULER_JOB_RUN_DETAILSviews. This column contains a set of name/value pairs in an indeterminate order, so you must parse this column for the external_log_id name/value pair, and then append either "_stdout" or "_stderr" to its value.


    It doesn't really say what the set of value really means as to external_log_id, exactly what is means by "indeterminate" order.


    You said you checked the DBA_SCHEDULER_RUNNING_JOBS, but did you chek the last column of this view LOG_ID? As far as I remember, while the job is running, this column contains a decimal value, which surprised me as I couldn't find any reason for that (the documentation doesn't say), but when the job completes I can see that the truncated value is matching the LOG_ID value of the DBA_SCHEDULER_JOB_LOG view. So I'm wondering if this decimal value of LOG_ID in DBA_SCHEDULER_RUNNING_JOBS could in fact match both the values in your file name? Can you check?

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    Thanks for replying.


    I did check log_id column in DBA_SCHEDULER_RUNNING_JOBS table. This is how I get one part of file name. However, I double checked the numbers after decimal place, and they does not match up. e.g.


    log_id: 55465.0000129139516532686426428306481435

    file name: job_251340_55465_stderr

    Also, one more point I want to bring up that these files are created the very moment job is started but the information is only available after the job is completed.


    As a solution, I was thinking to list the file names at the OS level using pl/sql to identify the exact file name. However,I would like to use the simple approach or any other simple option to do the same.


    Any inputs would be helpful.

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    Thanks for checking. Indeed that decimal bit is no help.

    I suppose the reason you want to get the file's name while the job is running is because you need to store it somewhere, in a log table or something. Getting it from the DBA_SCHEDULER_JOB_RUN_DETAILS once the job completes could be automatic though, with an event-based job. But it still means you'd get it once the job completes.

    I wonder if we can dig into the sys scheduler related tables to get that pair of numbers.

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    Thanks, I am trying to create an interface (using APEX) which provide user to submit a job and track the logs when it is running or completed. Currently, I am able to view the logs once the job is completed, however, I would like to see the logs when the job is running.


    so the only approach I have is to find the full file name using pl/sql and pass the name to the get_file procedure. I was trying to search for a simple way.


    when you say sys schedule tables, which tables are you referring to?

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    You said that the file gets created the very moment the job starts, so there must a place where this info is stored to put it into DBA_SCHEDULER_JOB_RUN_DETAILS once the job completes.

    About the sys scheduler tables, I was thinking of the scheduler$ sys tables. So can you check the following tables when the job is running:


    - sys.GV_$SCHEDULER_RUNNING_JOBS (maybe the other bit is the process_id ?)




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    Good hint.


    it is in sys.GV_$SCHEDULER_RUNNING_JOBS table column with JOB_ID which is attached to the file name.


    Thanks for your help.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Good to know where to find the information after all. Can be useful for me later if I need to write external jobs.


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