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    Oracle Database Mobile Server Client iOS 7 app


      We are trying to get an iOS App to sync with our server. We have it working with Android and Windows but iOS is proving difficult.


      I have been unable to make a usable Oracle Database Mobile Server Client for iOS 7, I am testing on an iPhone 4s and iPad Air and following the instructions at

      http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E48200_01/doc.1130/e38582/ios_syncapplication.htm#autoId9. As soon as I add the oracle library, libosync.a, the App goes into an infinite wait at startup before anything I can put a breakpoint on. Here is the call stack when I pause it:

      Thread1 – main-thread

      0 shm_open

      1 OracleLiteIPC::ipcShmOpen(char const*, int, unsigned shor)

      2 OracleLiteIPC::ipcShmInit()

      3 OracleLiteIPC::ipcIndex::IpcIndex(int)

      4 OracleLiteIPC::ipcIndex::IpcIndex(int)

      5 OracleLiteIPC::olLatch:: olLatch (int) [inlined]

      6 OracleLiteIPC::ipcIndex:: olLatch (int) [inlined]

      7 __cxx_global_var_init(I [inlined]

      8 _GLOBAL__I_a

      Compiles and links but when run sits in an idle state as soon as the libosync.a library is added to the project.