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    NFS issue


      Hi all.

      I am having an issue with setting up a file server on OVM x86. I am using VirtualBox with 2 VM. One Ovm Server and the other OVM Manager.

      Now my next step is to create a repo on a file server. So I created in another VM a NFS server with a filesystem. When I add the file server all seems to be ok but it says No filesystem found.


      Any clue? I tried with different NFS server but I get always the same issue.



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          Are you able to manually mount the exported NFS on the OVM server?

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            Hi there. Yes I was able to manually mount the nfs. I actually fixed the issue as it was the permission settings but then it didn't create the standard directories (like ISO, Templates etc). so I created a nfs volume on my NAS and it all went well.

            So you can't export a normal filesystem or directory cause won't work....it that right?




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              Guess no… if you're at the point, where you can manually mount the NFS export on the target host, everything should be working smoothly and OVMM should create the needed directories. But beware, don't export the root of a volume via NFS to OVMS as this will cause you some headaches, once you want to destroy the repo, since OVM then won't be able to delete the lost+found folder.

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                OK. anyway it's fixed now.