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    Performance issues related to IR binding


      Hello Friends,


      I am using APEX4.0.2


      I have a IR report in my page and two buttons. One button 'Run Report' is for running the report. When click on this button i set a value to a item 'PX_RUN_REPORT' as 1. Another button is 'Filter' is to show the IR status bar only and apply the filter using Actions->Filters. When click on this button, i set a value to 'PX_RUN_REPORT' as 2. IR report is conditional (i.e: PL/SQL Exp: :PX_RUN_REPORT=1 OR :PX_RUN_REPORT=2).

      My report query is like below,




      Now the problem is when i click on 'Filter' button, it takes more time to load to show the IR status bar. I debugged the page and found that the IR binding is taking more time (below is the log line in debug message) and it's the reason for this performance issue.

      Execution Time=> 285.16613 ; Message => IR binding: ":APXWS_MAX_ROW_CNT"="APXWS_MAX_ROW_CNT" value="10000"


      I am not sure how to fix this. I changed the max row count as 10, 100 and all, but no luck.


      Can anyone tell me what is happening while IR binding? How to solve this issue.



      Thanks in Advance