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    FDMEE with SAP GL


      Hi Experts,

      I am quite new to working with FDM and seek some help in configuring FDMEE with SAP G/L system. For the same, I am trying to find out an easy and optimal way. I have following scenario/requirement:

      1. The user need to have drill-through capability from HFM system to SAP source system
      2. The SAP source system is setup in a different domain from the domain where EPM is setup


      My questions:

      Assuming that all firewall connections are open between domains, which option is better for extracting and drill through capability:

      1. Use of JCo adapter : For this data gets extracted in file, FTPed to a shared location and pulled by ODI. Does this support drill through ?
      2. USe of Web Services: SAP seem to have ability to expose data using SAP XI (SAP PI). Is this option usable with FDMEE ? Can we use this to extract data and drill through into source system ? What could be the limitations ?
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          Francisco Amores



          just to confirm how the integration process works with SAP integration.


          When you integrate SAP with FDMEE data will be extracted to a flat file in shared folder called FSMOUNT (typically located in the FDMEE server). The extract process is basically an ABAP program executed by ODI Agent. Then the ODI agent will take this file and import into FDMEE. Shared folder must be declared in SAP (Transaction AL11)


          You need to ensure that the shared folder must be accessible from the SAP system using the <sid>adm user and from the operating system user that starts the ODI agent.


          In the ODI Topology, you will have to configure Data Serve "FDMEE _SAP_FSMOUNT" to point the shared folder.


          Regarding drill through, FDMEE will open the drill through url you configure in FDMEE depending on your requirements. You will have to enable ITS Server Version 6.2 or higher (Internet Transaction Server) so you can navigate your SAP instance through the web. FDMEE source adapter for SAP comes with some predefined drill through urls (including parameters) based on the SAP module you integrate.


          I hope that clarifies.

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            Thanks Francisco.

            Correct me if I am wrong, the pre-built SAP adapter which comes with FDMEE is for SAP BW and not for SAP G/L. Does this adapter also provides the ability to drill through to transactional data ?

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              Francisco Amores

              FDMEE supports both SAP ECC 4.6+ / R3 (ERP Financials) and SAP BW.

              So you can integrate SAP GL modules (NEWGL and Classic GL) and others:

              • General Ledger
              • Profit Center
              • Cost Center
              • Vendor Balances
              • Customer Balances

              For SAP BW, it extracts data from standard as well as custom infocubes.

              Integration includes data load and drill through for all SAP integration.