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    Correct way to remove a zpool and underlying storage lun


      Hi all,


      I have been scanning the solaris documentation and reviewing metalink for the correct way to first destroy a zpool and then remove the lun and clear up the device tree etc on a solaris 10 SPARC machine (u11).


      I have a zpool called 'holding' and it has a single underlying disk which is really a virtual volume on a 3PAR array.


      I know the first step is to remove all the data etc and then:


      $> zpool destroy holding


      My question is - what next next? Can I simply remove the lun then on the SAN or do I need to do some tidy up first? I'm astonished for something this simple I cannot find the relevant cfgadm commands - looked in solaris basic/advanced admin, zfs admin and SAN admin books. Surely I just haven't found it or overlooked it?


      I have seen some horror stories if you do not this in the correct order - Doc ID 1517820.1 is particularly unhelpful


      Thank you for any help