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    Multidimensional mapping


      Hello everyone,


      I just started working with FDMEE, and already step into the following problem:


      I have to map  2 dimension source combinations to 2 dimension target combinations, and cannot find a way to do it.





      Account, Service
      111111, A
      222222, B

      111111, B


      Has to be mapped to



      Account, Custom1

      A1, X
      A2, Y

      A3, Z


      So, combination of source dimension values determines the combination of target dimension values.. service is a custom dimension.

      Could anyone please help in guiding me, what would be the best way of performing such mapping?


      Tnx in advance,



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          Francisco Amores



          FDMEE has a mapping type "Multi-dimension" mapping" that allows you to define member mapping based on multiple source column values. Take a look to page 126 of admin guide.


          You can create then multi-dimensional mapping for target Account and Custom1 dimensions based on source Account and Service dimensions.


          You would have to define mappings for each target dimension.