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    Archivelog full connect untill freed

      Hi all,


      Aix 6


      Our database hits again the error archivelog full connect until freed. So I got panicked  and  I run delete all backupset/acrhivelog at our FRA,  then perform rmanbackup just to clear and crosscheck, and delete obsolete the old backupset and arhivelogs. I can not understand why it gets full when my recovery file dest is 100g


      SQL> show parameter recovery



      NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE

      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------

      db_recovery_file_dest                string      /rmanonline/flash_recovery_area                                                 a

      db_recovery_file_dest_size           big integer 100G

      recovery_parallelism                 integer     0

      And when I monitor the usage using below, it seems the usage is minimal?

        1* select * from v$recovery_area_usage

      SQL> /




      -------------------- ------------------ ------------------------- ---------------

      CONTROL FILE                          0                         0               0

      REDO LOG                              0                         0               0

      ARCHIVED LOG                          0                         0               1

      BACKUP PIECE                       2.64                         0               5

      IMAGE COPY                            0                         0               0

      FLASHBACK LOG                         0                         0               0

      FOREIGN ARCHIVED LOG                  0                         0               0


      7 rows selected.


      And my disk space free at OS mount is 143G:

      /dev/fslv19      150.00    143.40    5%       34     1% /rmanonline


      Is there possibility that the archivelogs can not write to external OS disk or does not have permission? or maybe an OS space quota?

      I am also worried that my RMAN backup is not complete or not intact because I keep on removing everything in my FRA when I hit archivelog full error, and run backup again just to clear everything.

      How do I check If I have a complete/intact 1 backupset copy?



      Thanks a lot,