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    "Plugin manager error"   HC: 51507      ERROR DESCRIPTION- "payload validation error"


      Please advise on the error below....

      "Plugin manager error"   HC:51507      ERROR DESCRIPTION- "payload validation error"

      Hi i am trying to achieve Batch to Batch HL7 message using healthcare console .

      1.Using oracle document editor i created ecs xsd and dat file for HL7-2.3.1-ADT_A04  Version using envelope option for batch using FHS and BHS both segment in my message.

      2.uploaded on healthcare console in hierarchy HL7-----2.3.1 (File and Batch header are checked)------ADT_A04-------Batch_Def than provided with ecs and xsd .

      3.Deployed the composite , in composite i am using Healthcare adaptor on both palate  and mediator in between and mapped .

      4.In healthcare console for inbound i am using file protocol for picking up the message and MLLP 10 for outbound , Interface explorer is listing at outbound port.

      5.Message is picked , from wire message it goes to  business without any error than application to composite -----from composite to application message to business message but when message is going from business to wire message it is giving the error -----"Plugin manager error"   HC:51507      ERROR DESCRIPTION- "payload validation error"

      6.If message is passed for inbound process without giving "payload validation error" error why its giving error for outbound process.