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    Difference between AL32UTF8 and UTF8




      Our current database version is 10g with CHARSET = UTF8 to support greek characters. However, client wants to upgrade to 11g ( and created test database with CHARSET = AL32UTF8.


      Until now to insert greek characters, we were providing script with mentioning set NLS_LANG=AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8 and it was inserting greek characters properly. However it is not working with new machine. If setting this parameter, script execution gives error for greek characters "quoted string not properly terminated".

      I have two questions here:

      1) Is there any difference between UTF8 and AL32UTF8?

      2) NLS_LANG parameters works on database charset right? Which parameter i can set for NLS_LANG which allow to insert greek characters either executing script from windows or linux machine?

      Thanks in advance.