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    Individual class files cannot be accessed from a signed applet jar with JRE 1.7.51


      We have a large applet based application with a current client-side minimum jar download size of ~4MB. If we put ALL of our class files into jars, that size will probably double. Most users only use a small portion of the class files for their particular tasks. Having ALL users download ALL the classes, compressed in jars, is extremely time consuming and a major problem after application updates due to the large number of users and the network load it would cause. So after downloading some basic jars other needed individual class files are downloaded as and when requested by user.

      For signing applet, applet class files are moved to jar and this jar is signed with following attributes in manifest.


      Jar file manifest:

      Permissions: all-permissions

      Codebase: *

      Application-Name: XYZ

      Application-Library-Allowable-Codebase: *

      Trusted-Library: true


      When applet is invoked from browser with JRE 1.7.51, there is a security blocked exception for individual files which are accessed from the signed applet jar.

      Any idea why individual class files are blocked? Is it necessary to move all individual class files in a jar?