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    How to check weblogic log(wls10.3,wls9.2) in EM 12c Console


      Dear Expert:


              My customer want to use enterprise manager 12c console to check the weblogic log,

      And their weblogic is 10.3 and 9.2,not have JRF extension,  as I know, em12c can not see

      Basic weblogic domain’s log, it require weblogic domain have enable JRF. but in customer environment

      They have a lot of weblogic 9.2 and weblogic 10.3.0 version weblogic domain.


              My question is :

      We want to know can em12c support monitor logs function in weblogic 9.2 and 10.3.0?

      Does weblogic 9.2 and 10.3.0 support JRF function?

      How can we support weblogic 9.2 and 10.3’s loging monitor function.


              Thanks a lot.