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    Oracle EDQ Siebel connector: Against which data base does it check duplicates?


      Good evening,


      I'm trying to write an application design for a solution which will make use of the Oracle EDQ Siebel connector. EDQ looks very interesting, but I have difficulties understanding the documentation.


      First question is about the live duplicate check. A software that needs to execute a duplicate check needs access to the entire data in the system - so does EDQ. But how does that work? - According to the installation document, mappings and database connections are only needed if a staging database is used - and staging databases are only necessary for batch jobs.


      The live system (check accounts + contacts for duplicates on creation / update) is not a batch job: it's a webservice.


      But how will EDQ know which fields are to be used, if we do not have jobs > do not use staging databases > do not have mappings?


      Thanks in advance...