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    How can the APP_USER be set in APEX 4.x?




      We are using an LDAP authentication scheme.


      For direct access, users enter their username and password and APEX sets the APP_USER to the username provided -- we want this.


      For simulated single sign on, though, where we use an impersonation LDAP account and then set some global variables to ID the user logging in via SSO, the APP_USER is set to username that corresponds to the impersonation LDAP account.


      How can we set the APP_USER in APEX 4.x?


      We've tried all of these, but none seem to work:


         HTMLDB_CUSTOM_AUTH.set_user( 'my_test_user' );

         WWV_FLOW.g_user := 'my_test_user';

         WWV_FLOW.g_current_user := 'my_test_user';