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    Read-only instance


      We are going live next week with R12 upgraded from 11.5.10.  The client needs the 11i instance in a read only mode.  Oracle recommended solution (Doc ID 363298.1) does not work.  Although save button is disabled and most of the blocks made read-only, Ctrl+S saves the changes.   This is a loop hole.  Is there any other solution to this?


      Thanks for your recommendations.

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

          Can the users update/change/delete data in the forms/blocks? If not, then I believe the "Ctrl+S" would have no impact here.


          If users can update data, then please log a SR and we might review the code and correct it (if required) -- Please note under the caution section it clearly states: "This sample code is provided for educational purposes only, and is not supported by Oracle Support. It has been tested internally, however, we do not guarantee that it will work for you. Ensure that you run it in your test environment before using."


          If you are looking for alternative solutions, please see previous threads for blogs, links and sample code that provide this functionality -- https://community.oracle.com/community/developer/search.jspa?q=read+only+apps




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            Yes... we were able to pull a PO and make some changes to it. Although the save button was disabled in the tool bar, we were able to press Ctrl+S and save.  The custom.pll was modified to make all data blocks in the current form to read only.  But when the form was open it threw several error messages.  Not sure if a loop whole here causes the form to be modified. Now, we have reversed our changes to custom.pll we cannot test this anymore.


            I did review your link. Thanks for posting.  When this topic comes back, we will present these as options.