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    no ocijdbc11 in java.library.path


      Good afternoon All,


      Got an annoying issue with Data Modeler to create database connections using my tnsnames.ora.

      First had it with SQL developer as well, and it won't work with just TNS_ADMIN as a system variable pointing to my tnsnames location, but at least with SQL developer, under tools>preferences>database>advanced, I could enter the TNS directory and that works splendidly.

      I've had no such luck with SQL developer data modeler though, as in, I can't find anything like it under preferences in the menu. Obviously SQL developer data modeler does not accept TNS_ADMIN system variable either.


      I had it all working properly under Win XP Pro, but had to migrate to Win7 Enterprise (64b) because of corporate reasons.


      Does anyone have an idea how to fix this issue?


      Thanks in advance!


      Version is OS Win7 enterprise 64b

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          Philip Stoyanov-Oracle



          if it works in SQL Developer then you can use Data Modeler inside SQL Developer and try to complete the task.



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            Thanks for the reply Philip.

            As I have never used Data Modeler from within SQL Developer (always running the DM executable as a standalone app), I looked around as to how to start it.

            There are various Data Modeler entries in some of the menu items, but none appear to start it as standalone, only as - what looks like - an integrated function.

            What I am most after is Data Modeler's capability to read a schema (via menu: file>import>data dictionary) and visualise it, so that I can then export as a picture; very useful when explaining to others what is in a schema etc.

            This however I cannot find. Maybe I missed it... ?


            I managed to import the connection list from SQL Developer into Data Modeler (into its Data Dictionary Import Wizard), but as per title of this thread, that's when I get the "no ocijdbc11 " error which clearly indicates Data Modeler's inability to locate tnsnames. I've googled a fair bit, plenty of this type of error with say SQL Developer, and thus how to fix it, but I've found none which pertain to Data Modeler unfortunately :-(

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              Philip Stoyanov-Oracle

              You have the same functionality inside SQL Developer Jeff is describing that here http://www.thatjeffsmith.com/archive/2014/01/how-to-open-the-data-modeler-in-oracle-sql-developer/

              So you need "File>Data Modeler>Import>...".

              In addition to that you can use drag&drop from SQL developer browser to DM relational model diagram - selcet some tables and use drag&drop. If you press Ctrl key at drop phase then all subordinate tables will be imported in relational model.

              You can use drag&drop for object types as well, but need to drop them on Data Types model diagram.