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    Hack into standard template and place an item?


      Theme: 24 cloudy

      Version: 4.2.1



      Hi everyone,


         Generally in most themes we can see the APP_USER on the top right. In theme 24 I had to make a change at the page template thanks to information from fac586. My question is if we can actually, show an item over there? The reason being that that user name shown is the APP_USER. Now I have a requirement, where user can change the user and view the reports/data etc in that apex app for the user entered.


         So basically, if the user logged in is xyz@x.com, the text box will show xyz@xyz.com and then if I change it to qq@qq.com, it will refresh the page and the text box will show qq@qq.com


         The theme i use is 24 - cloudy. Version is 4.2.1.


         and this text box is to be placed next to the navigation list on the top right.


         any suggesstions please? or this is not possible?