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Link aggregation not coming up after reboot

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Dear all,


I've got a strange issue regarding Solaris 11.1 link aggregations. I can set it up and it works but only until reboot. After coming up, the aggregation will look like it should work but connections will only be possible when pulling three of the four leads. Tearing down and setting up the aggregation will make it work again.


ipadm delete-ip aggr0

dladm delete-aggr aggr0

dladm create-aggr -l net0 -l net1 -l net2 -l net3  aggr0

dladm modify-aggr -L active -T short aggr0

dladm modify-aggr -m dlmp aggr0

ipadm create-ip aggr0

ipadm create-addr -T static -a aggr0

route -fp add default


Am I missing something very substantial?





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