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Migration of ADF table selection code to Trinidad code problem with RowKeySet

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we found a conversion problem as described below in one of the java files related to Manual UI.


    public void setPsdTable(CoreTable psdTable) {

        this.psdTable = psdTable;

        if (globalBean.isResetCreateRequestPsdQuarters()){

   ADF -code         this.psdTable.setSelectionState(new RowKeySet());

   Trinidad code     this.psdTable.setSelectedRowKeys(new RowKeySet());





In Trinidad RowKeySet is abstract class whereas in ADF the same is normal class. Hence I found the below error message.


  • Error(364,45): org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.model.RowKeySet is abstract; cannot be instantiated

Please guide me if you have an idea on how to change the adf statement to Trinidad code statement “this.psdTable.setSelectionState(new RowKeySet());


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