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    Steps to resolve archive error wait until freed.

      Hi all,



      I always get panicked  when this error occurs and my way of resolve it is to shutdown abort and startup noarchivelog.

      This is because it does not allow sometimes even if you login  SYS as sysdba.


      Can you give me steps to resolve this without a downtime? assume you can not login anymore as sysdba.


      Is this process correct?



      1. The directory where archivelogs are saved in /oracle/FRA/prod/arch  and  the v$recovery_area_usage show that arch is 100% full

      2. I have another disk mount /backup with enough freespace


      Steps to resolve:


      a.) mv /oracle/FRA/prod/arch/*   /backup/arch_bak/


      b.) Run RMAN

      crosscheck archivelog all;

      delete noprompt expired archivelog all;

      delete noprompt obsolete;



      Will the above freeup the recovery_area_usage?