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    Advanced configuration for apex listener


      Hi guys,


      I just discovered apex and apex listener and I want to figure it out and see if it can be a solution for my problem.

      On this link:


      Oracle Application Express APEX Listener

      I see that it is recommended to you advanced configuration for public productions systems.

      I also decided that my oracle DB will be installed on a machine and apex listener on a different machine. My question now is if I need a third machine to achieve that configuration where the HTTP server communicates with APEX listener and they are separated by a firewall or they can both be on the same machine and still achieve that?


      I hope to have apache with tomcat plus apex listener on a single machine and still obtain the needed security.

      I understand that http server should be separated by apex listener but it should be like a network firewall or…it can be other separation type?


      I am at the beginnings of web application infrastructure so I need your help.


      Thank you.