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    Errors Exporting to Reporting Repository

    R. Elwood / MD Anderson

      Encountered the following errors while attempting to export to a reporting repository. DMRS tables, indexes, views, triggers, types, and a package were created, but no data was loaded into any of the tables. Any help or ideas on resolving the problem would be appreciated.


      INFO  ApplicationView - Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler


      2014-02-13 15:40:58,744 [Thread-43] ERROR ReportsHandler - Error Exporting to Reporting Schema:

      java.lang.RuntimeException: rdbmsName not known: Oracle Database 12c

        at oracle.dbtools.crest.model.design.LogicalDatatype.createDataType(LogicalDatatype.java:83)

        at oracle.dbtools.crest.exports.reports.RSLogicalTypes.export(RSLogicalTypes.java:69)

        at oracle.dbtools.crest.exports.reports.ReportsHandler.export(ReportsHandler.java:107)

        at oracle.dbtools.crest.swingui.ControllerApplication$ExportToReportsSchema$1.run(ControllerApplication.java:2009)