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    Problem with multiple markers. enableMultiFeaturesMarkers() doesn't work: overlapping markers not rendered at all

    Black Wings Angel

      Hello everyone,

      I'm starting out with the world MapViewer and MapBuilder and my test range is fix a bug on a project already running.

      I was asked to insert support for multiple markers on the map, so that display the number of objects (rows from the database) on the same coordinates: only a marker for more traffic detection sensors; I read about the function enableMultiFeatureMarker (true), but it seems that it was not sufficient to invoke the creation of FOI, is that correct?

      How can I do?


      We use MapBuilder 11p6 for the creation of markers and styles as required by attribute "multiple-marker = true" in the creation of the marker intended for those sensors, and MapViewer 11p3 to render


      If someone wants to play with a bit of additional explanation, I'll be glad to read them all! :-)