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    OID install fail for fusion apps 11.1.7 on windows server 2008 r2 sp1


      Hello guys,


      Since one week i try to install fusion application 11.1.7 on windows server R2 with sp1.

      When provisioning I have the error dur to OID.

      I read the doc e41444 for identity management provisioning and I do the following step like indicated:


      7.2.7 Identity Management Provisioning Wizard install Fails Due to Oracle Internet

      Directory Configuration Failure (Windows)


      The Oracle Internet Directory configuration fails on the Windows 2008 Server R2 +SP1,

      causing the IdentityManagement Provisioning Wizard to fail.


      After the installation of the Identity Management Provisioning Wizard has finished:

      1. Edit the sqlnet.ora file in the Oracle Internet Directory environment folder


      Set the ADR_BASE parameter to a folder other than the Oracle home, for example,


      2. If it does not exist already, add an sqlnet.ora file to that folder and ensure that it

      contains the ADR_BASE parameter, set to the same value as in Step 1.



      But the problem still there.

      How can i do?