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    After reboot of the zone, can't reach VNIC IP


      Dear Collegues,


      We are facing an issue with shared IP in non-global zones.


      When the zone is rebooted, the VNIC is up and running, but can't reach from other zones. If we reboot the server, everything is alright.


      Below is the zone configuration:

      root@SCLINNCC02P:~# zonecfg -z SLC info

      zonename: SLC

      zonepath: /SLCpool/SLC

      brand: solaris

      autoboot: true

      bootargs: -m verbose



      limitpriv: default,dtrace_proc,dtrace_user


      ip-type: exclusive




              address not specified

              allowed-address not specified

              configure-allowed-address: true

              physical: net12

              defrouter not specified




              linkname: net11

              lower-link: auto

              allowed-address not specified

              configure-allowed-address: true

              defrouter not specified

              allowed-dhcp-cids not specified

              link-protection: mac-nospoof

              mac-address: random

              auto-mac-address: 2:8:20:d5:95:d4

              mac-prefix not specified

              mac-slot not specified

              vlan-id not specified

              priority not specified

              rxrings not specified

              txrings not specified

              mtu not specified

              maxbw not specified

              rxfanout not specified

              vsi-typeid not specified

              vsi-vers not specified

              vsi-mgrid not specified

              etsbw-lcl not specified

              cos not specified

              pkey not specified

              linkmode not specified


              name: SLCpool/data

              alias: data



      Below is the routing table in the non-global zone:

      root@SCLINSLCVM02P:~# netstat -rn



      Routing Table: IPv4

        Destination           Gateway           Flags  Ref     Use     Interface

      -------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ---------- ---------

      default              UG        2        466              UH        2      20052 lo0          UG        1          0          UG        4       2326         U         5      10640 DATA0         U         3      17269 net15         U         3      17270 net7        U         6       2927 net11         U        11      66198 MGMT0         U         3      17269 net17         U         3      17269 net12        U        12     100812 BILL0         U         6      17269 net6         U         6      17269 net2



      Routing Table: IPv6

        Destination/Mask            Gateway                   Flags Ref   Use    If

      --------------------------- --------------------------- ----- --- ------- -----

      ::1                         ::1                         UH      6   19930 lo0



      Trying to ping the IP of other zone from this zone or the otherway round is not working:

      root@SCLINSLCVM02P:~# ping