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    Executing Javascript for Rich text editor field onchange event




      I have a piece of javascripts which alerts users when they try to deviate from a page with unsaved changes (if they modify any fields in a form). The code works for all types of fields except rich text editors.


      I think the reason might be (not 100% sure) is that the form element when users type in their changes it goes into nested html document inside a iframe, and my jQuery onchange event doesn't fire off for any changes inside a nested html document.


      Dynamic actions also do not work if you create a simple Rich text area and write javasscript codes to fire during onchange events.


      Would be grateful if someone can suggest a way to make my onchange events work Rich Text Editor fields.


      I am using Apex 4.2.2, Theme 26.

      The field is Rich Text Editor of type CKEditor3, Toolbar = Intemediate.