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    Upgrading Essbase 9.3.3 to Standalone Essbase


      Hello Gurus,


           We are trying to upgrade Essbase 9.3.3 which is having Shared Services Security to Essbase  (Standalone mode)


           (We do not want to have EAS or any web application.in


           Is this a possible scenario with Essbase Staging tool or EAS Migration wizard ?


           We tried with Staging tool, but Essbase does not start if we start it with Essbase.SEC file taken from 9.3.3  (I think its mostly because its references to some Shared services parameters from 9.3.3 essbase & it throws some Wallet or SSO related error, in OPMN log for the Essbase service)


        Note: Its fine if we have only "admin" user in Essbase, but it should have provisioning to all applications.


      Any help is highly appreciated.