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Question concerning paasing variables between pages (ERR 1002)

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Dear Apex programmers,


I would like to create a master detail selection in my application.

The page I want to create ahll contain 3 tables.

If I select a dataset in table 1 the id of that dataset shall be passsed to the same page.

The page shall be called again with that ID as parameter and display additionally

table 2 which contains the result of a selections which needs the ID as parameter.

Again after selecting a dataset in table 2 a ID from table 2 shall be passed to the same page.

Then I want to call the same page again showing 3 tables

with table3 containing the results of a select which needs the ID from table 2 as parameter.



I tried this by creating a report and creating a column link on the column.

Example :

Create a report on table Dept and add a column link with the following parameters :

Link text #DEPTNO#

Target : Page in tis Application

Page : 2 (which is the the page)

Item 1 : P2_DEPTNO

Value : #DEPTNO#



Now my problem :


If I call this page and use a column link I get the following error :


"ERR-1002 Element-ID für Element "P2_DEPTNO" in Anwendung "76035" nicht gefunden. Unerwarteter Fehler: Elementname auf Anwendungs- oder Seitenebene nicht gefunden."


Error ERR-1002 Unable to find item ID for item "P2_DEPTNO" in application


I have te urge that I forgot something can you help me ?


Best regards,




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