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    How to utilize T5-4 vswitch setup to utilize 10GbE dual 2x NICs



      In Solaris 10 update 11
      Have setup one virtual LDom control-domain with four virtual ldom guest-domains on T5-4 which has 1Gb (10000MB) Ether NICs and two 2x10GbE Fiber SFP+ NICs(512 cpus, 1TB ram), each with their own vdisk.  Setup one vswitch for primary but speed is only 1Gb between domains for the one vswitch linked to the 1GbE physical NIC MAC.  Want to utilize the 10GbE NICs in a vswitch for these LDoms.  Found doucment ID 1020017.1 but it ducusses the nxg0 add-in dual NIC card, 'hybrid' mode and using the nxg0 MAC, not using the T5 auto-assign function for MACs.  Will doc 1020017.1 work for T5 platforms and vswitch setup to utilize their 10GbE fiber NIC as a vswitch?  Also wanting feedback on 'hybrid' mode for the 10GbE fiber NIC in vswitch setup, its benefits or challenges in this mode setting.


      How do, can we utilize the 10GbE NIC in a vswitch creation for the 10GbE fiber NICS for these four guest-domains?