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    Essbase Server does not see my AD users

    Alvaro Soares

      Hi Gurus,


                I have a environment with Essbase Server in a Linux box and HSS in a Windows 2008 R2 Server.


               After installed and configured, I've have choosed "Externalize users" on EAS in order to manage them from HSS. However, after have configured a new User Directory to take the users from AD, I am not getting to Give Access Control at HSS (When you right click at Application Group--> Essbase-->EssbaseServerName). It is only showing my native users. I can see my AD users without any problem at HSS and the Provider Configuration is set to :


      1. Native Users
      2. MSAD


               Also, when I right click on Security (EAS) and choose Show Users Table, only the native users are showed.

               If I try to externalize again, EAS shows there are no users or groups to externalize.



               Does someone could help me on that ?