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    Powerpoint Smart View template


      I've created a report in FRS which I want to bring into Powerpoint. Per the below, I've created the template making sure to click the 'All pages' box, and opened the report. It created a new slide with the first page of the report, but the second page is not being created. Does anyone know how to fix this if it's fixable? Or is it a bug?




      You can create PowerPoint template documents that can be saved by importing one or more Financial Reporting reports to the presentation. Every Create Template action creates a new PowerPoint slide with a report name to show where it will be placed when Refresh Template is used.

                                       To create a template:

      1. Open PowerPoint.
      2. Connect to a Reporting and Analysis provider.
      3. From the Smart View ribbon, select Panel, then Reporting and Analysis Document, and then Create Template.
      4. In Import Workspace Document, select a Financial Reporting document.
        • Optional: To import all pages of the document, select All Pages. A separate slide is created for each page.
        • To import the current screen presentation, clear All Pages.
      5. Optional: To use the Workspace point of view, select Refresh Using Workspace Point of View.
      6. Click OK. The document name is imported into the PowerPoint presentation.