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    VL 0..1 to 0..1 and table region


      I have aVO and bVO with a 0..1 to 0..1 aTobVL between the two.  I'd like to show an attribute found in bVO in a table region along with other attributes from aVO.  However, when I run the page I receive an error when the query is executing stating that the bVO attribute does not exist in the aVO.  I don't know why it is looking in aVO for the bVO attribute since the table region has no VO instance association and the bVO attribute is explicitly bound to the bVO view instance.  Also, the bVO instance is in the AM via the VL off of aVO.


      I can move ahead with the presentation of the data using expert mode on the aVO but wanted to ask here to understand what the point is of the VL and relations like 0..1 to 0..1 if the page rendering does not use the VO instance specified.


      This is on R12.1.3.


      Thank you