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    Shuttle Bean with a Composite View Link


      JHS Version 11.1.2.??


      It appears there is a bug in the Shuttle Bean.  When creating the otherParentRefAttrs, it puts the values in a HashMap.  At first glance, this looks simple enough.  However, each new map-entry is added at the beginning of the HashMap and thus when creating a key like the bean does, it creates a corrupted key as the values are not in the proper order.  For now, I have been putting the values in reverse order in the taskflow.  This seems to have resolved the issue...  Definitely not ideal as I am sure that this behaviour could change.  I am thinking of changing this to an array list with a delimited entry so that the values can always be in the proper order.  This proves to be a bit too much from a template perspective.  So, I had to do this in my own ShuttleBean class on setting of the other params.


      Thoughts on this???