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    Question about Communication with Oracle 7

      Generally we use Oracle Snapshots for Communication, but since Oracle do not work with Oracle we are thinking about do use Oracle Interconnect for this Link.
      Now I have the following two Questions about Communication with Oracle 7:
      1. Is an Adapter for Oracle available?
      2. From your experience, does it make sense to install Oracle Interconnect for implementation of only one read only Link with 3 Tables if an OAS for BI is available?
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          1. The Oracle database adapter is for Oracle 8i and up. I checked the code needed in the database and doubt that will work in Oracle 7.
          1. The other option Advanced Queuing also needs 8i and up.
          2. For me it doesnt make sense that you want to connect to Oracle 7. Oracle 7 is unsupported and should not have to be developed against. Also the license costs for Oracle Interconnect ~17K without any discount is a bit steep for read only links to three tables. Having the OAS means you wont have to pay another additional ~17K for the apps server.