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    JAR manifestation check failed while running Configurator.bat




      I got a error: "Jar Manifestation check failed with message:some specified jars donot exist" while running configurator.bat.

      Configurator.bat ran successfully before and had no issues earlier. I am trying to reconfigure my foundation services database because of  password change in oracle schema.

      I donot thnk any jar files file got missing as the error message suggests.

      Kindly suggest what can be the reason for this and how to resolve.


      FATAL ERROR : Jar manifestation check failed with message :"Some specified jars donot exist".

      Missing depth 4 file: XXXX\EPMsystem11R1\common\SAP\jlib\com.sap.security.api.jar

      ......etc ..


      The number of missing files are lot more.

      My version :

      OS- windows 2008 Server 64-bit


      Thanks and Regards