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    Use of bind variables in Report Title, Subtitle, etc.


      Is it possible to somehow make use of bind variables defined in a report in other sections of the report layout (Title, subtitle, etc.).


      For example:


      Title:  Processor Utilization for Host <:host_name_in>

      Subtitle:  <:month_name_in> <:year_xxxx_in>


      SQL:  select x, y, z,

                   from processor_util_table

                 where host = :hostname_in

                    and month = :month_name_in

                     and year = :year_xxx_in ;


              hostname_in  (prompt, default val, tooltip)

              month_name_in (prompt, default val, tooltip)

              year_in (prompt, default val, tooltip)


      So, essentially, the SQL/Binds behave as would be normally expected, but the value of the bind variables are also available to be used to alter other areas of the report (title, subtitle, etc.) to create customized/specific versions of a generic report.


      If this is not possible, I would pose adding the capability as a feature/enhancement request.