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    allowing only specific application #'s access?


      Does anyone have any idea of how a listener could be configured to allow only certain applications to be accessible? I've been tinkering with urlrewrite but I was wondering if there might be an easier way? i'm using tomcat 6.0.36


      My idea is to set up a listener that is reverse-proxied from the internet to our internal network, so that only CERTAIN applications are exposed to the internet (and the rest on the LAN but through ANOTHER listener server (a VM))...


      https://mydomain/apex/f?p=100 is allowed

      https://mydomain/apex/f?p=101 is NOT allowed..  etc etc (redirects to some generic url)


      I don't want to have to customize every application on the database server (IN apex, with some kid of logic).. ie. out of 100's of apps only a few should be made accessible via this listener in question..


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