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    Closing database link sessions in SQL Developer

    William Russell

      I have have a problem I am trying to extract data via database link and after connecting and runing "insert into table select"  to four seperate workspaces I get an error which describes that I have exceed the number of sessions.

      I searched on the net for answers and to close a database link I should use "ALTER SESSION CLOSE DATABASE LINK <dblink>". I have add this include anding commit to the action and I still get the issue.

      Some where I read that Sql developer keeps the session a live regardless.

      Is it possible to issue a command to SQL Develop to close session rather disconnection and reconnecting?


      I am looking to build a procedure to extract the data from over 20 database links, I spoke with our local oracle develop and suggested I use sqlplus.


      Any suggestions for this would be fantastic.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          This seems more of a general database question than one specific to SQL Developer.  The reconnect capability in SQL Developer (whether triggered automatically or explicitly requested) refers to a database connection (possible a shared connection), not the number of open database links.


          You did not give the actual Oracle error message number, but it seems the reference is to the static database initialization parameter OPEN_LINKS.  This defaults to 4, has a max value of 255, but cannot be altered without also restarting the database.


          Probably what you want to do is described in the following Ask Tom discussion: Ask Tom &amp;quot;open_links parameter&amp;quot;


          Note his comment about using dynamic references, not static references, to SQL statements containing DBLinks.




          SQL Developer Team