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    R12.2 install failed with Fatal Error: TXK Install Service


      I am installing R12.2 with latest StartCD, it is new install - on OEL 5 update 10 . but my install fails withing 10 sec , with following erorro

      Fatal Error: TXK Install Service


      oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.ProcessStateException: OUI process failed : Exit=253 See log for details. CMD= /u02/Stage122/TechInstallMedia/database/database/runInstaller -waitForCompletion -ignoreSysPrereqs -force -silent  -responseFile /u01/EBS12.2/oracle/11.2.0/temp/TEST_versatile/cfgHome/response/DB_HOME/txkDB11gR2_11203.rsp


          at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.OUIPatchActionNode.processState(OUIPatchActionNode.java:160)


          at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.PatchActionNode.processState(PatchActionNode.java:187)


          at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.PatchNode.processState(PatchNode.java:338)


          at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.PatchesNode.processState(PatchesNode.java:79)


          at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.InstallNode.processState(InstallNode.java:68)


          at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.TXKTopology.traverse(TXKTopology.java:594)


          at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.InstallService.doInvoke(InstallService.java:224)


          at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.InstallService.invoke(InstallService.java:237)


          at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.InstallService.main(InstallService.java:291)




      Cannot install Oracle Database Home


          RW-50010: Error: - script has returned an error:   1

      RW-50004: Error code received when running external process.  Check log file for details.

      Running Database Install Driver for TEST instance



      I am able to install R12.1.1 without any issue


      I checked the install log - it has error


      INFO: *********************************************

      INFO: Users With Same UID: This test checks that multiple users do not exist with user id as "0".

      INFO: Severity:CRITICAL


      INFO: -----------------------------------------------


      My Unix sysadmin confirmed that is not true. I have done this install 2 times, everytime I cleaned envrionment including oraInv. no help..