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    JQuery selector  - identify child tag

    Jozef Demovic SVK

      Hi Experts,


      I need a little help with identify of the label of my item(s) with jQuery selector.


      I have some DA - Set Style ( when Page Load) font-weight to BOLD

      I can't assign the correct JQuery selector for item's Label - it is the problem.


      I have some item: #P3_FROM_BANK_CONTAINER. There is the label tag for it.


      I tried to use: #P3_FROM_BANK_CONTAINER > label

      It doesn't works.


      When i just use: #P3_FROM_BANK_CONTAINER

      Input text is bold. But i need the label to be bold !


      If i create the CSS Rule with the FIREBUG: the same selector - "#P3_FROM_BANK_CONTAINER > label"

      Everything works good.


      Where the problem should be ?

      Apex won't works with " parent > child " jQuery selectors ?